Adrian Freed: barycenter, bunch

Andy Schmeder wrote a bunch of xyz.geometry objects. The new "o.expr" is powerful  enough to do these efficiently and John and I have been
pondering what functions to add to the extensive list of basic math favorites. This would be nice to curate while John and I are on your coast. We are trying to schedule that before he takes
the April break from Northeastern....

Speaking of Andy: he just told me about a tool that does 3d geometry parametrically but allows you to do convex hulls of objects not points. 
It is hard to find this sort of thing that is in a plastic enough form to build into real-time engines for what we want to do but I think it is a valuable direction.

I want to project various envelopes around real-time 3d models of the space and holes of people's bodies -envelopes that are predictive where the potential is layered over the actual. 
The visual ghostly analog to a sonic pre-echo. 
I think this is what basketball players and soccer players (and of course dancers) do.  They interact with the ghosts of the past and future.
The present is too late and moving.....

[emphasis added]

On Jan 31, 2012, at 8:54 AM, Sha Xin Wei wrote:

It'd be a very useful learning exercise to clean up this code to calculate the degree of dispersion / clustering of a set of points.


on to spin...
Xin Wei

computes the center of a set of points
computes degree of clustering or dispersion
does the basic arithmetic, uses   zl