rhythm / correlation research using xOsc devices from ASU

Dear Julian, Nikos, Ozzie,

I'm addressing the people who I hope can actively help advance research on correlation-based indicators of "intentional" "coordinate" movement for studies of rhythm, ideally using mapping of intersubjective, not ego-based data.   Julian's already put together MnM / FTM code for this so things are well-underway.

In prep for rhythm experiments at ASU in February… and following up with Ozzie's initiative at ASU.

Finally, after 6 years, a chance to inch forward on this low-hanging fruit and simple exercise!  (May it not Tantalize.)

Practical wearability question:

Some of the researchers at the TML have also designed wearables with an eye to comfort and visual design.  How flat can these enclosures be (and still do their job)?  Can we halve the thickness somehow by re-arrangement, so that the dancer can wear this for example in a flatter, concave part of her/his body?  Can a dancer or roll over it comfortably and safely?

The Sensestage wireless sensor platform that Nikos has used is much cheaper  -- about 1/10 the price including radio + software to map data to Max/MSP/Jitter.   One bottleneck is that each wireless device Bluetooth's to only one base computer at a time.  Another is probably low sample frequency.  (We could not fund numbers.)

The xOSC is pricey but technically better on key specs -- so the remaining question is how physically wearable can it be….


Can we entrust this discussion to TML RA's if available:  Julian Stein + Nikos Chandolias?   Nikos is an MA student who is both an electrical engineer and a dancer by training?   Talk / confer with Adrian Freed @ CNMAT Berkeley, Dr. Doug van Nort @ TML, Ozzie and Prof. Chris Ziegler @ AME.  Let's not second-guess or over-engineer -- please get sound deterministically coupled to co-movement happening as soon as possible -- CRUDE BUT PALPABLE is good.  Then you'll refine rapidly.

This can be linked to the theme of transition that Garth and I are both interested in as a motivation for this workshop.

This is subject to people's availability and the strategic needs of the TML and Synthesis Center.  But we need to define the February workshop a month ago, so let's commit on the new year ASAP.  Then you can organize housing...

Xin Wei

Canada Research Chair • Associate Professor • Design and Computation Arts • Concordia University
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