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Thinking about this theatrically/cinematically, I'm visualizing seeing the shadow of a figure entering and growing in the space and only later seeing the relatively diminutive source of the shadow. Translating this to the animated lamps, we should see the play of the light in the space and through the atmosphere as the primary dramatic effect and only secondarily see the lamps themselves. This could be accomplished by making relatively narrow fields of view in which they would be directly seen. 

I would emphasize fade effects and movements of light between lamps over strong flashing patterns. I think this will add to the sense of volume (thickness) and be more friendly for long term inhabitants of the space. 

If we want to add "texture" to the mist/light volume, we could use video projectors to produce higher resolution structured light. 

Alexia, I'm happy to meet with you and work through some of these ideas together. 


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I will connect with Theatre about their availability to make the frames. Please keep in mind, this will splatter water all over the floor.




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Subject: light cast through water


Pete, Connor, Alexia, Byron,


Nima and Thierry in TML Montreal suspended the pool of water overhead, stirred by max-controlled motors, and cast light through the water :



Goal : 

Let’s try suspending one (ideally three) of our “cloud  nurseries”   so we can test them as light sources modulating the felt experience of a volume of space.  The light sources can be our Source 4’s.


Can we map Alexia’s control patch and give her access to the misters?  I’d like to see what she can do.   Then  we can map them into the sc system to modulate them from camera feed.


Alexia, Byron, Yanjun can I invite your fresh opinion on this.  What if we do not focus 100% of the inhabitant’s attention on the light fixtures, however mesmerizing they are.  How can we design the effect of the caustics on the airspace in the iStage.   as a function of the state of the environment?  

It’d be interesting to juxtapose this with Garrett’s light games — so we need state engine to swap or even blend state topologies.


( Recall the iridescent “mobile” lights that Byron et al suspended in the Brickyard. :) 


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