Fwd: City Rhythm: Logbook of an Exploration

From Pinar Sefkatli (Universiteit van Amsterdam):

 research publication City Rhythm: Logbook of an Exploration.


City Rhythm research was started in 2016 by Prof. dr. Caroline Nevejan, in collaboration with AMS Institute, 6 Dutch cities (Den Haag, Rotterdam, Zaanstad, Zoetermeer, Helmond en Amsterdam), Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute (ahti) and with the students from LDE Minor Responsible Innovation. The research on rhythms in the physical world and in the data world showed that focusing on rhythm and on dynamics in neighbourhoods and in datasets creates new design spaces that can generate un-expected solutions.


Thanks to the research grant we received from the Dutch Scientific Research Organisation (NWO), the research will proceed for four more years. The next phase of the research, Designing Rhythms for Social Resilience, will focus on the South-East district of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Zuidoost). DRSR will explore more deeply the rhythms of the neighbourhood from architectural and data perspectives with a PhD researcher from both disciplines, with the main goal of making conclusions on social safety and resilience.


We hope that you find the findings of our research inspiring, and that you can get an idea about the upcoming research which will start on July 2018. The publication is also available online, which can be found on TU Delft Architecture Faculty’s books catalogue, BK Books


Best wishes,
Pinar Sefkatli


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