Synthesis rhythm: IMU's etc.

Dear Rhythm people: Garrett, Gabby, Julian,

Thanks for being on the demo team !  Now we can get back to steady state  work, like rhythmanalysis 

Can you please check out the IMU’s that we bought last year as an input for our rhythm test platform?
Ask Ozzie or perhaps one of Prof. Turaga’s students who’s used them for permission and see if you can stream them into Max.

I’d like assemble a suite of inputs:
contact mic
air mic
camera (Julian)
IMU (Pavan’s group?)
xOSC gyros (Mike —> Julian)

and record them in parallel
with some movement scenarios to get multiple streams of time data.

Please define some scenarios : e.g.  assembling blocks small to giant size, cutting and washing .  try seated and upper body and locomotive.   Varsha’s done some movement scenarios with Grisha, but in very specialzied contexts.  How about quotidian ?

Let’s try some out on Monday Nov 30?

Xin Wei

cc Pavan

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